The most innovative bridle numbers of this moment and the most beautiful handmade leather plaiting kit, available here!


Kettner Quality Products, quality is the key


 The Kettner Plaiting Kit is a beautiful handmade leather bag, that fastens with a belt around your waist.
This plaiting kit is equipped with different types of pockets that are meant to store all the necessities that are used during plaiting.
This means you have all the things you need right at hand.

The Plaiting Kit is available in 3 different color combinations.


 The Kettner Clip is a bridle number made of stainless steel and a durable powder coating.

This Clip is easy and simple to slide on to your saddle pad. It secures itself without extra action.


 The Kettner Snap is a handmade bridle number of leather which is easy to attache because of the push button system.
With the supplied tool you can apply buttons on your saddle pad, and then you can attache the Kettner Snap.


 The Kettner Snap Diamond is  the same as the Kettner Snap.
The only difference are the diamonds that have been carefully added.
The Kettner Snap Diamond is available in black, pink, brown and white.


Kettner Quality Products was conceived and established in 2015 by Elise Kettner, Grand Prix Dressage rider.
Our mission is to develop innovative, functional and inspiring products. At this moment we offer 2 products which contain these core values.

Bridle numbers, functional and available in different colors and designs, with a unique number system.
Our newest product is The Kettner Plaiting Kit. A handmade leather bag that offers practical comfort during braiding and is available in three different color combinations.

We, from Kettner Quality Products designed these products with love voor you. We hope that you will enjoy them a lot!


Kettner Plaiting Kit Horses Product of the Year in Holland!

In february of this year, the Kettner Plaiting Kit and our bridle number, the Kettner Clip, were nominated for the Horses Product of the Year award in Holland. This is an annual election where the product owners need to present there product…


After months of hard work we are more than exticed to share our new product with you. The Kettner Plaiting Kit! This plaiting kit super handy to use during the braiding.  No combs in your pockets or rubber bands in your mouth. With this…

New product coming up in October

We are excited to share the news with you, that after a year of working on our new, second product,  the time has come to launch it! Stay tuned and follow us on Facebook & Instagram!


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