In february of this year, the Kettner Plaiting Kit and our bridle number, the Kettner Clip, were nominated for the Horses Product of the Year award in Holland. This is an annual election where the product owners need to present there product to a panel of judges and the public can vote for their favorite product.

The Kettner Plaitng Kit was nominated in the category “Grooming & Others “and the Kettner Clip  was nominated in the category “Tackroom &  Others”.

We are very pleased with the third place for our brilde number, The Kettner Clip, in the strong category ”Tackroom & Others”.
The very innovative neXaver halter became the winner in this category and also became the overall winner of the competition.

We are super proud of our Kettner Plaiting Kit who became Horses Product of the Year in his category. With a maximun score of the judges and an average score of a 9.1 from the audience we took the award home!

Thank you to all who support our Product!

Elise Kettner
Kettner Quality Products

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